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Previous exhibition: Natural Instincts  

Arcadia for All? Rethinking Landscape Painting Now is an exhibition that, through the medium of paint, embraces and celebrates nature and our relationship with it, whether we access it through allotments, community gardens, public parks or even simply through windows and screens. It poses questions about who accesses and owns the land, historically and currently, investigating classism, racism and alternative systems of living.


Using photography, performance, curated events, soundscapes, and interactive pieces, this multidisciplinary approach transforms the gallery space into a living canvas, where each artwork is a chapter in an ongoing dialogue about our relationship with nature through the eyes of the next generation. At the heart of it lies the powerful theme of escapism.


As visitors engage with the takeover, the collaborative installation becomes a metaphorical refuge, encouraging viewers to reconnect with nature amidst the chaos of modern life. The exhibition challenges societal indifference and prompts introspection on responses to critical issues, all while celebrating the evolving nature of artistic expression.

The sessions were led by Co-Artistic Director of infuseDANCE, Mark Anderson. A photographer, filmmaker and choreographer, he has spent the last 20 years creating exhibitions, films and performances across the UK. He is passionate about working creatively with people of all ages and has worked in settings from arts centres to prisons and everything in between. The sessions will also be supported by Pasha Kincaid – artist and Youth Arts Coordinator (maternity cover) for Attenborough Arts Centre.

Next Gen Creatives Natural Instinct - A4 Poster png.png

I am pleased to confirm that I will be exhibiting a new series of images at the exhibition - Natural Instincts at Attenborough Arts Centre In Leicester.

The series is called limbo and focuses on the perspective of people in dire circumstances being ignored in the challenges of seeking resolutions.  This series also responds to the emotional responses of the impactful lack of response of the powers in existence.  Despite this theme being one  of darkness, In these images you will see a light that symbolises the presence of hope, and that hope Is always somewhere with you.

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