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View my current & past experimental imagery projects here

Experimental Photography



Orbital Light Show

A lockdown project created by positioning finger pointer lights on a turntable and capturing them at a long shutter speed setting


Ink Splash V1.00

A project constructed using a large glass and professional ink.  Captured using a very slow shutter speed

Nature From The mirrors Eye

An experimental shoot exploring textures and angles to create nature based mind bending illusion outcomes


A source of Light While The Mind Is On Its Knees

A series of work based on emotions during personal events and the growth that comes from it.

The story in the images focuses on following a positive light in personal times of darkness


Light the path

Light the path is a group of images produced to see what would happen when my camera documented a bike travelling on a remote path during the night time by using a very long shutter speed


Parallel and Liquid

A series of images that are interpretations of what we as humans think parallel worlds are and what the parallel worlds think we are back


The Life Between Two Lines

A series of work exploring the journey of light as it and travels through the middle between two shire borders


 Shadow Print In A Dream

A series of work that focuses on isolation that comes with a dream state. The idea of a shadow in a bubble is an interpretation of sleep paralysis


Illuminated Thread Series

A series of images of an experiment of what my camera would capture at a slow shutterspeed as lights were from a window that impacted the ground at speed

Screenshot 2023-04-19 at 16.15.37.png

Ink Splash V2.00

An updated version of a shutter speed experimentation project. This time with a different glass and slower shutter speed


 Day In The Tiny Land

A series of photographs set in the depths of

litter, which serves as an interpretation to the way litter lives within us


A State Of A challenging Passage

A series of images, based on the on the loneliness that comes with grief.  The faint but richly blue light is my interpretation of the seeking of help


Launch Pad Of Escapism

A series of images documenting the feelings and thoughts in my life as an autistic in education

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