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About Me

How Photography grew me and how I grew photography


Hello and welcome to my official photography website. I am a specialist photographer in experimental, landscape, macro and long shutter speed imagery.  I have autistic spectrum disorder and photography has been my guide to exploring the world. I started my journey to become a photographer in 2013 when I was in group that was given a small lesson in how to take photographs of flowers with a simple point and shoot camera, and from there for an entire year I used my own point and shoot to photograph unusual architecture and points of interest locally and abroad. In 2014 I was given a Cannon EOS 100D and carried on shooting these interests but also used the advantage of having a camera with a greater depth of field to really practice macro photography on flowers. As a result I was able to teach myself impressive and self styled images in not only flowers but with every day products.

In 2017 I enrolled at Tresham college, in which I studied there for 3 years learning and developing my photography and learning how to make shutter speed photography, and creating unique experimental works for College open days and exhibitions. At the end of my time at Tresham my experimental projects gained me three distinctions and an expanded inspiration, thanks to artists such as Slinkachu and Michael Bosanko.   

Very recently I completed three years of studies on photography and video BA Hons at De Montfort University In which has seen me produce unusual imagery based on street art inspired by Slinkachu.  



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